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Official Delaware State Parks Volunteer Photographer Program

The application period for the 2020 Official Volunteer Photographers program has closed. Please consider applying in the fall of 2020 when the application period will open for the 2021 Team. Check this page in early 2020 to learn about the 2020 Team! Posted 12/10/19

Meet the 2020 Volunteer Photography Team!

This group of skilled volunteer photographers was selected to support the efforts of Delaware State Parks by documenting programs, natural landscapes, events, exhibits, and experiences within the parks. Their work will help inspire outdoor adventure, educate others about Delaware’s natural and cultural resources, and lead people to meaningful outdoor experiences.

Are you interested in joining the 2021 Volunteer Photography Team? Applications will open in late fall 2020!

Becca Mathias

Becca Mathias

Photographer since 2012. Degree in Media Design/Photography.
Favorite subjects: Landscapes and flowers
Becky Ashley

Becky Ashley

Lifelong photographer, serious hobbyist since 2012.
Favorite subjects: Landscapes, sunsets and reflections
Brandon Hirt

Brandon Hirt

Photographer for 15 years
Favorite subjects: Milky Way and stars
Deb Felmey

Deb Felmey

Lifelong photographer, active the last 15 years
Favorite subjects: Nature, birds, and landscapes
Dennis Donaldson

Dennis Donaldson

Photographer for 11 years
Favorite subject: Nature
Gary Ragulski

Gary Ragulski

Photographer since 2006
Favorite subjects: Landscapes and live music
James Bailey

James Bailey

Photographer for 8 years
Favorite subject: Wide natural landscapes
Keith Brodeur.jpg

Keith Brodeur

Photographer since 2014
Favorite subjects: Landscapes and nature
Kim Johnson

Kim Johnson

Photographer for 5 years
Favorite subject: Landscapes
Louis Mason

Louis Mason

Photographer for 5 years
Favorite subject: Landscapes and nature
Susan McLean

Susan McLean

Hobbyist for 25 years, professional for 2 years
Favorite subjects: Wildlife, marine mammals, landscapes.
Teresa Hughes

Teresa Hughes

Photographer for 7 years
Favorite subject: Landscapes, nature, travel, portraits.
Todd Yates

Todd Yates

Photographer for 26+ years
Favorite subject: Landscapes

To learn more about our volunteer photographers, visit the Delaware State Parks Adventure blog!

Seeking: Skilled Photographers

Share your artistic abilities to visually showcase the many ways people enjoy the environment, history and recreation available in Delaware State Parks.

In this competitive program for volunteers 18 years and older, you will be one of our Official Volunteer Photographers, skilled in composition, editing, and the ability to capture the essence of Delaware State Parks' natural, cultural and recreational resources in a respectful and visually appealing way. Your work will be used in Delaware State Parks marketing and media to showcase Delaware State Parks.

What's Involved

Volunteer Term and Assignments

  • Volunteer photographers are accepted for a 1-year term.
  • All volunteer photographers agree to photograph 5 assignments during their term year.
  • These assignments must cover at least 3 seasons.
  • Volunteer photographers may not solicit financial compensation from park visitors or the State of Delaware for use of their photographs, or use the volunteer position to promote/publicize their own businesses.

Editing and Delivery

  • After covering an assignment, the requested number of photos must be selected, edited, and uploaded within a 2-week time period.
  • All photos must be uploaded in 300 dpi, high-resolution format without watermarks.
  • RAW, unedited images must also be submitted for each assignment.


  • All volunteer photographers must provide and maintain their own photography gear. All personal gear is the responsibility of the photographer, and Delaware State Parks is not liable for damage to personal gear while volunteering.
  • All volunteer photographers must provide their own editing software.

Attend Training

  • Once accepted into the program, all volunteers must attend Official Volunteer Photographer Training, scheduled with the Director of Marketing.


  • Volunteer photographers must wear proper, Division-issued identification when shooting assignments. This identification is not to be worn outside of official assignments.

Shooting locations

  • Photographers cannot take photos anywhere photography has been prohibited by DNREC's Division of Parks & Recreation.


  • Official Volunteer Photographer identifying gear
  • Admission to park and special events.
  • Free Delaware State Parks Annual Pass for the term-year
  • Possible photography show in a Delaware State Park
  • Special Park and Division Recognition Program
  • Opportunity to learn or expand knowledge of natural, cultural and recreational resources available in Delaware State Parks.

To Be Considered:

  1. Submit Application – include a link to your digital portfolio of landscape, portrait, and event work
  2. Applications and portfolios will be reviewed to determine candidates for interview with Marketing Director
  3. Criminal History Background Investigation – conducted on-line at no fee to volunteer
  4. Selected volunteers will be invited to attend Official Delaware State Parks Volunteer Photographer Training.

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