Picture of Hammerheads Dockside

Hammerheads Dockside

Pull up your boat - or daydream about your new boat -- at Hammerheads Dockside. Overlooking the gorgeous Indian River Marina, Hammerheads Dockside is the perfect place to enjoy a sunset, a good meal, and a cold drink.

Hammerheads Dockside is a full-service restaurant with a fresh, vibrant menu. Breakfast includes to-go breakfast sandwiches, fruit, and hot coffee roasted locally by Indian River Espresso and Coffee. Lunches and dinners consist of great seafood delivered fresh every day, homemade daily soups, huge wraps made in pitas specially baked just for Hammerheads, and huge, green, leafy salads.

picture of Hammerheads outside

After a day on the water, come tell your fish tales and enjoy the best sunsets in Delaware, while also enjoying some of the freshest cocktails made by the best bartenders from Dewey Beach.

Hammerheads Dockside is owned and operated by Second String, LLC T/A Hammerheads