Bellevue State Park Volunteers

Volunteer Information

Like You, we’re looking forward to spring!

Volunteer opportunities drop significantly during fall and winter. However, some parks still have opportunities for hardy volunteers with flexible schedules.

For Groups

  • White Clay Creek
  • Lums Pond
  • Fort Delaware
  • First State Heritage Park
  • Killens Pond
  • Trap Pond
  • Cape Henlopen
  • Delaware Seashore

For Individuals

  • Fort Delaware
  • First State Heritage Park
  • Killens Pond
  • Trap Pond State Park

Events Calendar

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Protecting, conserving, managing and interpreting Delaware's natural lands, waters, and wildlife is no small task.

Delaware's Division of Parks and Recreation employees' work hard to provide a wide range of recreational opportunities, but their efforts alone are not enough. Delaware State Parks needs your help to ensure that Diamond State Parks "sparkle" with activity from sunrise to sunset.

Become a Delaware State Parks Volunteer!

What can you do to help?

  • Maintain and construct trails
  • Help teach environmental education
  • Assist in Nature Centers
  • Volunteer in Park Administration
  • Bring history to life as a Living History Volunteer
  • Keep grounds beautiful through gardening and maintenance
  • Build, repair and preserve buildings
  • Campground and Volunteer Host
  • Help with special events like Civil War Re-enactments, concerts or a Pirate Festival!
  • And much more!

How can you become a volunteer?

To Apply, sign up for yourself or your group, or contact the Volunteer Administrator to discuss opportunities and projects in Delaware State Parks. Delaware State Parks are made better by the involvement of citizen volunteers like you, who bring different talents and skills!

Join a Friends Group

Delaware State Parks is fortunate to partner with 14 outstanding non-profit Friends Organizations who support the mission of the parks. Look into the many ways Friends groups make an impact and consider becoming a "Friend" of Delaware State Parks.

Who volunteers?

Anyone willing to share their interests and abilities to improve the parks in their community! Volunteers are people who experience a sense of accomplishment and a renewal from volunteering.

  • Individuals and Groups
  • Youth through Senior Citizens
  • Students: elementary through college
  • Civic and community clubs and organizations
  • Businesses and corporations
  • Military and public service organizations
  • Places of worship
  • Youth Organizations
  • Families

Why volunteer?

In as little as 2 hours, individuals and groups can make a difference in Delaware State Parks. They come from every corner of our state, and whether they be regular, on-going volunteers or short-term, episodic volunteers, they represent the wonderful diversity to be found in Delaware:

  • Meet and work with exciting, diverse people
  • Learn new skills and gain work experience
  • Get a break from the routine
  • Explore new career options
  • Feel needed and appreciated
  • Build self-confidence and contribute to the community
  • Learn about the environment
  • Help preserve our state's history
  • Have fun!

What it takes to be a volunteer:

For more information about what it takes to be a volunteer in Delaware State Parks, please see our Delaware State Parks Volunteer Code

How about it?

Ready to begin a new and exciting activity? One that will benefit not only you , but countless other visitors to Delaware's State Parks? If you have a special skill, talent, or interest that you would like to put to use, our Volunteer Administrator would like to hear from you. There are year-round opportunities, both long and short term, which need the help of people just like you. So leave your mark in Delaware's State Parks - VOLUNTEER!