Delaware State Parks Passport Program - selfie your way through the parks!

Passport Program


Join us in our mission to connect families and friends to the resources of Delaware State Parks. From natural rock walls at Alapocas Run State Park to the sandy beaches of Cape Henlopen, Delaware has something for everyone. The discoveries are endless when taking part in our Passport Program. Win prizes and make memories to last a lifetime.

Plan your hike, beach day, or historical tour, and while you're at the park take a photo of yourself at the passport photo location. Track the places you have visited. Upload your pictures and cool stories using the form on this page to share your adventures. Complete all 20 photo locations to win awesome Delaware State Parks gear and an annual pass for the next calendar year, while supplies last!

All photos must be submitted by November 30, 2021. Limited to one annual pass per household. Participant must be in every submitted photo, but family, friends, and pets are encouraged to join in on the fun! Passport photo locations are listed below, and shown on the following interactive map.

Alapocas Run State Park

Nestled in a garden of native plants, the Storybook Trail combines books with the outdoors. Read a story as you stroll along the path. Ana Wik, Assistant Professor of Landscape Architecture at University of Delaware, and Olivia Kirkpatrick, UD Class of 2018, created a whimsical landscape plan that incorporated native plants with elements appealing to children. With the Wilmington Area Rotary Club securing financial support through Discover Card, volunteers and park staff were able to transform the once underutilized piece of land into a literary adventure. The stories on the trail change to coincide with a park program called Story on the Go, which is a combination of short online videos, the story pages of the trail, and park explorer kits.

Park address: 4351 Weldin Rd, Wilmington, DE 19803

Passport photo: Storybook Trail

Trail/directions: Shared-Use Pathway

GPS coordinates: 39.778669, -75.540227

Storybook Trail

Auburn Valley State Park

The Oversee farm's S.M Green farmhouse was commissioned for construction by Thomas Kitchen in 1800, and the stone bank barn in sometime in the next 17 years. Unlike the farmhouse and spring house, which are built of local fieldstone, the stone barnwas made using stone quarried elsewhere and brought to the farm for its construction. The stone barn is an outstanding Delaware example of a Bank Barn, a form usually seen in Pennsylvania. It has three floors, a first floor stable, second floor granary, and a third floor for threshing. The exterior of the barn remains largely unchanged since 1800, but the interior was adapted for dairy cows in the mid nineteenth century. The stone barn is a rare Delaware example of a Bank Barn, which are more commonly seen in Pennsylvnia. The farm is also significant because it was a part of the the American Country House movement and Agricultural Tenancy period of Delaware history (1770-1900).

Park address: 1499 Snuff Mill Rd,, Wilmington, DE 19807

Passport photo: Oversee Farm Barn

Trail/directions: Oversee Farm Trail

GPS coordinates: 39.806395, -75.660301

Oversee Farm Barn

Bellevue State Park

Bellevue State Park offers many opportunities for recreation including hiking trails, tennis courts, and cycling paths. This bridge crosses over a catch-and-release fishing pond. The pond is stocked with bass, catfish, and sunfish.

Park address: 800 Carr Rd., Wilmington, DE 19809

Passport photo: Bridge over Pond

Trail/directions: Unpaved trail around pond (off of Fitness Track)

GPS coordinates: 39.776750, -75.499587

Bridge over Pond

Brandywine Creek State Park

When you visit Brandywine Creek State Park you don’t want to miss the Hawk Watch Overlook! With it’s sweeping vistas, this is a great place to experience the rolling meadows, rock walls, and to watch for hawks and other raptors during their spring and fall migrations. From March through early May, look for northbound migrants. From September through November, you can see them flying south. Although mid-morning and late afternoon offer good chances to see hawks, migration patterns depend on the species and weather conditions.

Park address: 41 Adams Dam Rd, Wilmington, DE 19807

Passport photo: Hawk Watch

Trail/directions: No Trail

GPS coordinates: 39.804724, -75.577425

Hawk Watch

Brandywine Zoo

Check out the Zoo’s newest Madagascar-themed habitat featuring species from the Great Red Island! View three species of lemurs, radiated tortoises, and guinea fowl and learn more about the conservation efforts working to save some of the Earth’s most unique species.

Park address: 1001 N Park Dr, Wilmington, DE 19802

Passport photo: Madagascar Exhibit

Trail/directions: No Trail

GPS coordinates: 39.754697, -75.548360

Madagascar Exhibit

Cape Henlopen State Park

The lookout at Herring Point offers a picturesque view of the Atlantic Ocean coastline. You can take a path down to the beach or sit on the benches at Herring Point and look out over the water. This is a great place to watch the sunrise or look for dolphinsduring the summer. Bring your smart phone and take a picture to track the changes to our coastline as part of CoastSnap.

Park address: 15099 Cape Henlopen Dr., Lewes, DE 19958

Passport photo: Herring Point Overlook

Trail/directions: No Trail

GPS coordinates: 38.765937, -75.082579

Herring Point Overlook

Delaware Seashore State Park

Take the short trail down to the bay at Savages Ditch. This area overlooks some of the best marsh habitat around. Off to the northwest is the only colony of nesting Laughing gulls in the whole state (nesting season in late spring, early summer)! The marsh creeks are packed with marine life such as diamondback terrapins, Atlantic blue crabs, and horseshoe crabs. The hunting shack on the privately-owned island also gives a glimpse into the rich waterfowl heritage of Sussex county. 

Park address: Savages Ditch,

Passport photo: Savages Ditch Waterfront

Trail/directions: No Trail

GPS coordinates: 38.629158, -75.071789

Savages Ditch Waterfront

Fenwick Island State Park

Before this area became a park, the forces of nature constantly changed the narrow strip of barrier dunes between the Atlantic Ocean and Little Assawoman Bay. This area remained largely undisturbed as the towns of Bethany Beach and Fenwick Island grew around it. With an unobstructed view, this is one of the best places in Delaware to watch sunsets and sea birds dipping and diving into the Bay.

Park address: Fenwick Island State Park Boat Ramp, Costal Hwy, Fenwick Island, DE 19944

Passport photo: Assawoman Recreation Area

Trail/directions: No Trail

GPS coordinates: 38.497572, -75.056080

Assawoman Recreation Area

First State Heritage Park

Built in the 1760s, the John Bell House is the oldest documented timber-frame structure on The Green and is considered today to be an exceptionally rare example of an 18th-century workshop. Since the heady days of the American Revolution, the John Bell House has stood witness to a number of important moments in Delaware and national history, including the movement of the state capital to Dover under threat of British invasion, Delaware becoming the “First State” as its delegates ratified the U.S. Constitution in the nearby Golden Fleece Tavern, the upheaval of the Civil War, the push for Women’s Suffrage, and the march towards Civil Rights. Today, it still sits near the heart of governance in the Delaware State. The uses of the John Bell House have varied over the years and are still under archaeological study. Today the structure proudly serves as the interpretive center for First State Heritage Park: the focal point for three centuries of storytelling and the exploration of Delaware’s capital city. Check online for updates about open hours.

Park address: 43 The Green, Dover, DE  19901

Passport photo: John Bell House

Trail/directions: The Green

GPS coordinates: 39.156032, -75.523076

John Bell House

Fort Delaware State Park

Fort Delaware was full of cannons like this one, which were important for national defense. This gun could fire a 65-pound ball up to 2.25 miles! From up here you can also see all of Pea Patch Island, the Delaware River, and the shores of Delaware and New Jersey. During the Civil War, the island would not have looked as bare as it does today, it would have been packed with buildings and people. Fort Delaware is open seasonally and only accessible by boat. *If you are unable to take the ferry to Fort Delaware, you may submit your photo from Delaware City, either in front of the ticket office or along the riverfront with Pea Patch Island in the background.

Park address: 45 Clinton St,, Delaware City, DE 19706

Passport photo: Columbiad cannon

Trail/directions: No Trail

GPS coordinates: 39.589919, -75.568109

Columbiad cannon

Fort Dupont State Park

This incinerator was built prior to 1941 as a support building for the Army. This is where they disposed of anything that could be burned. The observation platform on top of the incinerator offers a great platform to check out the many species of migratory birds in this area, such as Great Blue Herons, Great Egrets, Glossy Ibis, Cattle Egrets, and Night Herons. You can also see Fort Delaware, and consider how these two forts worked together to protect the river in the early 1900s.

Park address: Sussex Ave (between New Castle Ave and Exchange Rd), Middletown, DE 19709

Passport photo: Incinerator

Trail/directions: Riverview Trail

GPS coordinates: 39.570748, -75.578330


Fort Miles Historical Area and Museum at Cape Henlopen State Park

Fort Miles was built during World War II to defend the Delaware Bay and River. Make your way to the new Great Dune Overlook to experience Battery 519, Cape May, the Atlantic Ocean, and the mouth of the bay all from one spot.

Park address: 15099 Cape Henlopen Dr., Lewes, DE 19958

Passport photo: Great Dune Overlook

Trail/directions: Bike Loop

GPS coordinates: 38.777735, -75.087160

Great Dune Overlook

Fox Point State Park

Fox Point was not actually named after the animal—if was named after S. Marston Fox, who spent the last 25 years of his life working to protect the land that the park sits on today. Featuring a playground, picnic pavilions, and a trail along the river, it is a great gathering space for families and groups. Fox Point State Park offers excellent views of the Philadelphia skyline, the Delaware River, and local water traffic.

Park address: Lighthouse Rd, Wilmington, DE 19809

Passport photo: Flag Pole

Trail/directions: Riverview Trail

GPS coordinates: 39.758701, -75.487717

Flag Pole

Holts Landing State Park

The new marsh boardwalk on the Sea Hawk Trail was completed in early 2020. The previous trail followed the shoreline of Indian River Bay, but due to erosion, the trail needed to be re-routed across the marsh.  This marsh creek is tidal and the water level will rise and fall throughout the day.  It is great habitat for small fish such as mummichogs, as well as Eastern mud snails, small diamondback terrapins, and Atlantic blue crabs.  The surrounding marsh and mud flats are great habitat for fiddler crabs.  Keep your eyes out for these small crabs scurrying around the marsh as you cross the boardwalk.

Park address: 27046 Holts Landing Rd,, Dagsboro DE 19939

Passport photo: Marsh Boardwalk

Trail/directions: Sea Hawk Trail

GPS coordinates: 38.590694, -75.130028

Marsh Boardwalk

Killens Pond State Park

The Killens Pond State Park Nature Center, built in 2008, is a LEED Silver certified building. Some of the green features of the nature center include a geothermal heating and cooling system, a composting toilet system, and a rainwater retention system. The building has two large, covered decks that overlook the 66-acre mill pond. The pond is human-made and once was only another section of the Murderkill River. Can you imagine how the land has changed over time and the many ways people have used it?

Park address: 5025 Killens Pond Rd, Felton, DE 19943

Passport photo: Nature Center Deck

Trail/directions: Optional: Pondside Nature Trail

GPS coordinates: 38.983660, -75.532573

Nature Center Deck

Lums Pond State Park

Artist Dan Gotel created these two murals for the nature center in 2015. Capturing a day on the pond, these murals allow you to get up close to wildlife found around the park. If you want to learn more about the wildlife found in the mural, head into the nature center. Check online for updates to open hours.

Park address: Area 5,

Passport photo: Nature Center Mural

Trail/directions: Optional: Whale Wallow Loop

GPS coordinates: 39.563201, -75.729244

Nature Center Mural

Port Penn Interpretive Center

During the spring, when the shad run was on, fishermen from Port Penn would want to spend as much time on the river as possible. Floating cabins like these could be towed out with a boat and anchored at a specific spot, so that fishermen would not miss a moment of the action. These cabins usually had a kind of tank or outlet to keep caught fish alive until the cabin was hauled back into shore. This cabin contains a bed, a small cupboard, a stove for warmth, and a small table.

Park address: 5 Port Penn Rd, Middletown, DE 19709

Passport photo: Floating Cabin

Trail/directions: Wetlands Trail

GPS coordinates: 39.518840, -75.578249

Floating Cabin

Trap Pond State Park

Get ideas for your own backyard pollinator garden at the Trap Pond’s Birds, Bees, and Butterflies demonstration garden. Located next to the Baldcypress Nature Center at Trap Pond State Park, the garden highlights native plants and the insects and birds that depend on them.

Park address: 33587 Baldcypress Lane,, Laurel, DE 19956

Passport photo: Birds, Bees, and Butterflies Garden

Trail/directions: American Holly Trail

GPS coordinates: 38.524905, -75.480145

Birds, Bees, and Butterflies Garden

White Clay Creek State Park

Built around 1820 by Joseph Chambers, this house is built from locally quarried rock, just like the ones seen near the creek. After 1841, the house changed hands many times until distant relatives of the original owners bought it. In 1959, the house and land were sold to E.I. DuPont de Nemours & Company which planned to build a dam on White Clay Creek. When public protests stopped construction of the dam, the property was donated to the State of Delaware. Today the Chambers House is the nature center for White Clay Creek State Park.

Park address: 1475 Creek Road, Newark, DE 19711

Passport photo: Chambers House Nature Center

Trail/directions: Optional: Mason Dixon or Nature Preserve Trails

GPS coordinates: 39.727193, -75.768134

Chambers House Nature Center

Wilmington State Parks

The Josephine Fountain is a memorial of J. Ernest Smith's love for his wife Josephine Tatnall Smith. During their 54 years of marriage, they would often stroll along the banks of the Brandywine. When Josephine passed, Smith donated the marble fountain to be placed in the grove of flowering cherry trees. The Fountain was modeled after a 16th-century fountain created for the Medici family and has a figure of a woman holding a cornucopia at the top.

Park address: Lookout Dr, Wilmington DE 19806

Passport photo: Josephine Fountain

Trail/directions: Shared-Use Pathway

GPS coordinates: 39.755596, -75.550356

Josephine Fountain

Some trails may be challenging for those with limited mobility. If you cannot reach the photo location, please take your selfie as close as you safely can.