Wolfe House after completed curatorship

Curatorship Program

About Our Curatorship Program

The Resident-Institution Curatorship program through Delaware State Parks allows citizens to connect with history and preserve it for generations to come. More than 200 historical structures are located throughout Delaware’s 25,000 acres of state park land. These properties are threatened by time and the elements, providing challenges to the preservation of Delaware history.

Private citizens and institutions can enlist as curators with the program and upon selection, they will have the opportunity to rehabilitate and save an historic property. By rehabilitating these structures, occupants can reside in the homes rent and mortgage free and protect them for future generations.

Available Curatorships

Cleaver House

Built in the 1830s, the Cleaver House is a Georgian style structure that was used not only as a home but also a general store. The large open spaces and original fixtures exhibit the home’s 19th century charm.

For more information and pictures of the property Cleaver House

Lums Mill House

One of the oldest structures on Delaware State Parks land, the building’s construction dates from the 1720s.

For more information and pictures of the property Lums Mill House

Sarah Brooks House

Sarah Brooks Cartmell’s family originally built this log cabin in the mid-1700s. Even though the building has been expanded, the house retains its historical character.

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